Anuwong Mongkudkornburee (Bill)

🐈 Cat Person

Go (Golang) • React.js • Node.js

NocNoc, Bangkok, Thailand.


[email protected]

Work Experience

  1. Software Engineer - Full Stack

    at NocNoc

    Full Stack Software Engineer in the Shopping Experience Team

  2. Senior Programmer - TrueID

    at True Digital Group

    Senior Programmer at TrueID, a Thailand-based streaming platform - Develop and maintain microservices of subscription and payment platforms. - Improve code readability and performance confidently with unit testing for complex functions. - Eliminate code smells from the legacy systems using SonarQube to report smells and anti-patterns. - Improve the products page by applying the Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) from Next.js to reduce JavaScript execution time on the first load and keep the product data fresh. - Keep confidently developing experience with unit testing for high-complexity functional requirements. - Behaviour Driven Development for B2B integration with Godog and Gherkin. - Performance testing with k6. - Analyze code quality with sonar cloud and bitbucket pipeline.

  3. Software Engineer

    at The Dollarsign Co.,Ltd.

    - Develop, maintain, and design various systems. - Use NestJS to develop microservices for backend system. - Use RabbitMQ as message broker for microservices communication. - Familiar with containerization with docker. - Apply TDD, Test-driven development, in working process.

  4. Web Developer (Backend)

    at The Dollarsign Co.,Ltd.

    - Use React and NextJS to build arts marketplace web application. - Build backend services with Node.js and Express.js

Tech Stack